HarvestNav is now available as a free download from the Interpine website. Users can now access the application online which was developed with funding from Future Forest Research Ltd. Version 1 of the application is being made available as a free download to encourage the use and adoption of this style of technology within mechanised harvesting systems around New Zealand. The aim is to promote safety and increase the transfer of information from the harvest planning phase to the operators inside the cab.

HarvestNav makes use of sensors available in modern tablet computers to monitor machine location, actual slope, roll and pitch, and review dangers ahead by analysing detailed digital terrain models to predict hazardous situations which might not be visible to the operator from the cab. HarvestNav enhances the safety and security of harvest equipment working in your forest – it can also be a key component of your Health and Safety management policy.

Data can be logged and analysed about potentially hazardous situations such as excessive pitch and roll and use on slopes outside of industry guidelines. There are also environmental benefits as machine movements around sensitive sites can be tracked.


The application is available for feedback.   You are welcome to install and use although you are required to register the application, by email, once it is installed.    We are currently developing a HarvestNav support zone for users to get additional information so if you need assistance check this in the first instance. Send us your queries and we can add to this resource over time for all users.

Go to the HarvestNav products page and download the application now.

For more information on HarvestNav email us on harvestnav@interpine.co.nz