Our cloud services have recently been updated to include Future Forest Research’s Forecaster Software. Users of our cloud services for Forest Management can now have access to the latest version of Forecaster to use for predicting the forest growth and providing economic analysis for forest investments and silviculture treatment decision making.


Forecaster allows forest managers to make projections of the timing, quality and quantity of log yields from a stand. These projections form the basis for operational scheduling, regime analysis (cost-benefit analyses of alternative stand management practices) and yield table generation. Projections need to be “best practice” and capable of standing up to rigorous internal and external audit (eg. for valuation and certification).

Forecaster can be used to schedule silvicultural operations, such as pruning and thinning, and is especially useful for scheduling intensively pruned regimes for radiata pine. The major function provided by Forecaster is stand growth and yield modeling – simulating the effects of genetics, site and management on the timing, volume and properties of log product yields from a stand. This function can be used to compare regimes and so determine the most appropriate regime in a specific situation.

Why Forecaster in the Cloud?

Using FFR Forecaster in the cloud allows users in the same company to share the same database for Forecaster scenarios and results. This allows centralised decision making and setup of modelling scenarios, including backup. This also means you can stay up to date with the latest version with ease as we will do this for you.


If you would like more information on using FFR Forecaster as part of our Cloud Services please contact us.

** FFR Forecaster is licensed through Future Forest Research Ltd, and species models available will be restricted by your license type.