​Exploring benefits of high density #UAV #drone #lidar from @RIEGL #VUX LiDAR scanner for forestry. With many hundreds of pulses per m2, the data allows one to measure trees and their attributes. This snippet of a cross section of Pinus radiata forest scanned by Interpine as part of an innovative Forest and Wood Products Australia research project in which Interpine are working with range of research partners to review optimizing the application of LiDAR data for forest resource descri

ption. As well as a general flythrough of the data, you can appreciate a horizontal cross-section of data reviewing the level of detail captured throughout the tree canopy.

Find out more about the other Research Partners involved:
FWPA: http://www.fwpa.com.au/
SCION: http://www.scionresearch.com/
University of Tasmania: http://www.utas.edu.au/
University of Sydney: https://sydney.edu.au/
NSW Department of Primary Industries: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au