Have You Got Enough Trees in Your Tree Nursery for this Planting Seasons Orders?

Interpine continues to fly its drones for forest nursery owners to provide a complete inventory of the seedlings in stock.   While traditional approaches have been based on sampling the seedling beds, our approach is a complete tree count across the entire nursery. Using drone-based imagery and customised deep learning algorithms, our remote sensing and drone teams count millions of seedlings each year. The inventory provides nursery managers with the number of seedlings that can be shipped from their nursery, enabling them to better secure orders and safeguard against accepting more orders than can be filled. This also provides for a distribution of seedlings across the seed lots or by specific areas within the nursery plot, sections or even individual seedbeds.
What do our clients have to say?
Interpine has been flying our containerised nursery for the 4th year now, and the results speak for themselves as we are still doing it. Our team have been able to better manage seedling stocks and orders. Comparison of inventory stock using the drones through to final deliveries has been outstanding and far better than any of our previous manual inventory techniques, while also being completed in minimal time, compared to the labour-intensive sampling approach. PF Olsen New Zealand.
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Would you like to try this on your nursery, contact our team now?   The best time for flying is often in February each year so now is the time to make contact.