Interpine has recently being working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), Ministry for the Environment (MFE) and Scion Research to implement a planted forest inventory system for carbon monitoring. The first measurement season is now completed (July to November 2007) and was concentrated on sites throughout the North Island.

Plantation forest carbon monitoring is part of the Land Use and Carbon Anlysis System (LUCAS) project. The project allows New Zealand to claim credits for our carbon sinks under the Kyoto Protocol, and the data is used to determine New Zealand’s carbon stock changes. In addition to measuring the key carbon pools, general forest condition and biodiversity information is also collected.

High-grade Trimble GPS receivers were used to pinpoint 98% of sites within a one metre accuarcy once processed, which is a pleasing result given the usual difficulties of operating GPS within forests (inability to “see” satellites).

Data was electronically captured on Allegro handheld computers using a customised DATAPLUS application developed by Interpine for the project. Data collected in the handheld ranges widely from tree data, to photos and even soil ferility information.

Interpine looks to continue to work with MAF, MFE and Scion Research into 2008 as the field survey work is expected to escalate.

If you like more info on LUCAS project please review the LUCAS website by following this link > Click here