Interpine has recently worked with the Atlas team to create a new utility for GeoMaster users. This is for bulk loading of assessments and their attributes into GeoMaster via a CSV file. This new feature can be accessed by GeoMaster users from the Utilities menu and has been asked for by many of our existing clients. The generated assessments can either be stand-alone assessments, or associated with existing events – based on a JobNumber of an event being assessed (e.g. a thinning).

This is a great way to upload all the assessment details from other software like YTGEN or from an analysis worksheet of lab results. Thus enabling simple updates of the Stockbook without all the manual data entry.

When running the importer you are presented with a form through which you allocate columns to corresponding GeoMaster attributes. This process assumes that the first line of the csv contains column headers. Once the columns are assigned you can save the mapping of columns to attributes in a template file for future re-use as shown in figure 1.


Figure 1 – example of importing data from an MRI assessment, and access to the ability to save and open previously used templates.

Here is another example of an import configuration for a foliar sample results from a source comma separated file.


Figure 2 – Example of importing bulk foliar samples into GeoMaster.

This feature is being made available in V1.23 and has been a great initiative of Interpine and the ATLAS team working together to improve GeoMaster for the wider user group.

TIP: Make sure your input CSV files do not contain comma’s within the data fields.

If you would like assistance with this feature of setup of templates for use with your data, just contact our cloud services team.