A recent feature we have updated in PlotSafe is the representation of diameters recorded at the stem description level. This allows for increasing diameters to be easily recorded against the stem description. Previous versions of PlotSafe had an inbuilt rule not to allow entry of a diameter larger than previous on the stem. One of the key reasons was to allow for ease of collection of detailed sectional measurement data for the construction or validation of taper and volume equations.

Data integrity is still paramount, so to warn the user that an “out of the normal form” data was entered we have introduced a new warning symbol. This looks like a yellow “Nodal Swelling” which appears to the left side of the diameter entered.


Figure 1 Example of the new symbol shown next to the 68mm diameter recorded which is greater than the previous diameter lower on the stem.

Interpine have developed a new PlotSafe template, based on the NZ Ministry of Forestry, Forest Research Institute Standards for collection of tree volume and taper equation information (FRI 1987). An example of which is shown below in Figure 2.


Figure 2 Example of Sectional Measurement Template for collection to the FRI 1987 Standards.

If you would like to know more about collection, construction, or validation of volume and taper equations feel free to contact us.


Gordon. A, Penman. J, 1987 Sampling and Measuring Procedure for Tree Volume and Taper Equation Construction and Testing, Forest Research Institute, Rotorua, New Zealand.