Interpine and the CNI regional YTGEN user-group (a collection of inventory professionals and users from CNI forestry companies) have created a new cruising dictionary for PLOTSAFE data capture. The overlapping features component of PLOTSAFE allow us to cruise trees with a NZ universal dictionary suited to most common log grade definitions.

Traditionally, each forest owner devotes time and energy to developing their own tailored cruising dictionary which can create problems when a historic dictionary no longer aligns with new log grade features, or the same cruising code is used for different meanings as there was often only 26 codes (a-z) available.

RAD05 is the new PLOTSAFE universal dictionary, suited to most NZ P.radiata inventory cruising needs.


Field Quick Card for RAD05.


Note that Windblown and Resin Code are tree level codes.  The rest are stem description codes.


Examples using the RAD05 Cruising Templates



Constraining Log Products in YTGEN using RAD05

Let’s take a typical pruned sawlog grade with the following specifications for example (some basic knowledge of YTGEN syntax will be useful):

Pruned, nodal swelling <5cm, fluting <10cm, butt flare <10cm, scars or damage <10% diam, no rot, crutch zones or kinks, no wobble >5cm, Sweep D/4, no restriction on ovality.

YTGEN Grade Conditions : Br=0 Sw:8,L,S F!:B10+,C,D,F10+,N5+,R mvl!:%,*,<,>

Now say we wanted to allow epicormics less than 1cm in this grade just to see what effect this has:

YTGEN Grade Conditions : Br<=1 Sw:8,L,S F!:B10+,C,D,F10+,N5+,R mvl!:%,*,<,>

Or maybe assume that all butt flare will be shaved off during logmaking therefore we could allows it in the grade:

YTGEN Grade Conditions : Br<=1 Sw:8,L,S F!:C,D, F10+,N5+,R mvl!:%,*,<,>

Or maybe the customer might want a tighter spec on fluting than in your normal spec for example fluting <5cm then :

YTGEN Grade Conditions :  Br<=1 Sw:8,L,S F!:C,D,F5+,F10+,N5+,R mvl!:%,*,<,>

This is just an example of the flexibility of grade definition using RAD05. For more information feel free to contact us or participate in our user forum for the RAD05 dictionary.