091510_0317_plotsafefor1 With the release of PLOTSAFE 1.2 and the RAD05 feature cruising dictionary, the CNI regional YTGEN user group have also released an update to the Forest Inventory Procedures Manual which will help people implement PLOTSAFE and RAD05 with ease.

This can be downloaded through request from the link below. Bundled with this are EXCEL templates with quick reference cards to use in the field, together with examples of YTGEN cutting strategy files to give you an appreciation for simplicity of being able to constrain grades in the cutting instruction. This generic manual provides appendices where individual forest owners can prescribe forest specific inventory requirements for their field inventory crews.

CLICK HERE to request a PDF version of the manual and appendices.


Example extracts from the manual :




If you would like more information on this manual or on forest inventory cruising systems please contact us.