We recently visited one of AAM Group’s plane fitted with the PEGASUS HA500 LiDAR system. This is flying on behalf of one of our clients which had adopted our kNN style of LiDAR analysis for forest product yield calculation. Great to see the system flexibility in terms of real-time point display and in-air LAS file format generation, combined with dual output laser system for maximising density capturing as much detail in the above ground vegetation as possible.


Figure 1 – PEGASUS HA500 LiDAR system mounted in position inside the plane.


Figure 2 – The plane being used for the LiDAR capture.


Figure 3 – Easy in-air visualization of the LiDAR datasets in LAS format.

Thanks to the team from AAM for the tour, and sharing their expert knowledge of using the ALTM PEGASUS LiDAR system.

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