Forest Inventory

Interpine leads the industry in the development of systems and procedures for forest inventory. Combined with our expert field staff, we provide a complete range of forest measurement and quality assessment services from the standing tree to final reporting, model validation and yield table development.


Carbon Forestry Services

Forests are a significant store of carbon and a key component to reducing New Zealand’s emissions. As the trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, resulting in carbon forests that represent long-term, quantifiable, physical removal and storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Land Information and GIS Mapping

The benefits of geographic information systems (GIS) are endless when managing natural resources. Land information and mapping of forest land is a key element in the provision of forest yield information, and accurately planning and forecasting operations.

LiDAR Processing

Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) technology is changing the way we collect terrain and vegetation data across of our forest lands. LiDAR has application in harvesting, road planning, resource inventory, erosion and biodiversity monitoring and environmental resource management.


Harvesting Value Recovery

Accurately evaluate whether your business is recovering the maximum potential value of your forest resource during harvesting.  Identify where value is being lost and provide the necessary training and data management services to rectify these issues.

UAV / Drone Operations

The use of unmanned aerial vehicle / drone operations to get a different view with technology providing 3D modelling, volumetric analysis and thermal and infra-red imagery.  Our drone pilots are CAA wings badge certified.

Stocking and Cutover Assessment

Interpine has developed a complete solution for accurate tree counts and stocking assessments, using a machine learning (ML) model to detect and count trees in aerial imagery or LiDAR data. This model requires little effort to train and provides highly accurate results. 

Forest Management Cloud Services

Transform the way your small or fragmented forest management team work.  Take your data with you and access your stand records, maps and harvesting production data anywhere with an internet connection.

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