An initial question often asked by our clients when dealing with our cloud services is; where is my data and how secure is it? Within Interpine’s private cloud this is an easy answer. Our datacentre is based at Vocus Communications in Auckland, and data is replicated through an encrypted connection to our Rotorua head office for off-site backup purposes.

Vocus Communication provides our private cloud data centre services, and is a leading provider of international networks and data centres throughout NZ and Australia. Their core focus is delivery of high performance, high availability and highly scalable solutions. This is ideal for our clients who need scalability, but also security and cost-efficient IT cloud services. As we gain more clients entering our cloud-based environment specific for forestry operations, the scalability and connectivity is critical in delivery of their services. The faster you can reach our cloud, the more productive your staff can be. Interpine have housed their server network with Vocus Communications since 2003 and have learnt their strengths in providing a high quality data centre service.

Above is a photo of the actual location of Interpine Servers at Vocus Communications in the Albany Datacentre (left); Wider Vocus Network (right) 

The Vocus Network

Vocus has designed and built a robust network used by more than 70% of New Zealand’s Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). This international network which includes direct ownership of capacity on the southern cross cable is a major point of difference when servicing Interpine’s clients in Australian, America, Asia and beyond with a reliable, ultrafast connection. This removes the ISP middleman for Interpine and our clients meaning our cloud is not affected by heavy traffic or frequent outages common on the “public internet” provided by ISP’s. Locally in New Zealand, Vocus is part of the ‘self-healing’ fibre loop critical to New Zealand’s internet backbone, ensuring high bandwidth connections direct to their data centres.

Security Standards

The stringent security standards for the Vocus Communications Albany facility include a gated enclosure, CCTV surveillance and two-factor biometric authentication to enter the physical environment. Once inside our servers are secured physically in their own rack space. Within the network, Vocus have invested heavily to build in technology that reliably protects against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

High Availability and Uptime

Redundancy and diversity is inherent throughout their Albany facility with 2N UPS; 2N diesel generators on site with 24 hours+ fuel supply; and N+1 chilled water cooling system. It has a target PUE of 1.3 and the building is classified as A+ seismic rated. This allows Vocus to provide assurance to our clients through our service of 99.95% internet and high availability performance for our clients.











If you have further questions regarding our cloud environment and infrastructure we put it place to secure your data and monitor your system performance, please feel free to contact our team at